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New World Marketing Order

Mar 22, 2021

Who wants to get some free organic leads, free business, free sales? All it takes is a little bit of work. 

Manny Wolfe is an Entrepreneur, also the Founder and Owner of  The Personal Brand Incubator | Opus Speakers LLC, the Founder/CEO of 1000 Speakers Academy. He teaches coaches, entrepreneurs, and experts how to build powerful personal brands, and how to become show-stopping public speakers. 

On this episode of the New World Marketing Order podcast, Billy and Manny sit down together to discuss Organic Marketing, attracting more clients, having broader reach and growth without spending much. 

 What You’ll Learn 

  • Establishing personal brand
  • How to nail your positioning
  • Importance of core values
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

Once you understand what your positioning is, what you stand for, but more importantly, what you stand against, what your values are, why you stand against what you stand against, you start becoming that lighthouse that people are talking about rather than being that tugboat.
- Manny Wolfe

Connect with Manny Wolfe

How to Get Involved:

Billy Batt is the founder and CEO of Chrome Leads, where he helps companies acquire qualified leads and skyrocket their revenue. You can connect with him on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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