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New World Marketing Order

Mar 29, 2021

A strong foundation in any company would define its success. But the secret formula on how to build this foundation is the most crucial part of the process. This would define if at the end of the day you’ll have stress? Or success?

Al Levi is an author, speaker, and the creator of The 7-Power Contractor, a system business leaders can implement to run their contracting businesses with Less Stress and More Success.

On this episode of the New World Marketing Order podcast, Billy and Al sit down together to discuss the importance of building a foundation or a framework for your business in order to make sure that everybody is working and functioning according to his role and according to the goal of the company.

 What You’ll Learn 

  • Foundations on how to attain sustainable growth
  • Building systems
  • Training & developing your team
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

Open-ended stuff doesn't work, because then it just gives room for anybody to bend any rule. - Al Levi

Connect with Al Levi

How to Get Involved:

Billy Batt is the founder and CEO of Chrome Leads, where he helps companies acquire qualified leads and skyrocket their revenue. You can connect with him on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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